MAKKAH, -- The UAE reiterated its condemnation of the heinous targeting of the holy city of Makkah as a ballistic missile was launched there by the Houthi-Saleh militias.

''The attack is an unprecedented, dangerous escalation, and ethical bankruptcy of these militias. Not even religious or ethical boundaries seem to deter them from their crime that has angered the Muslims across the world,'' Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said in a statement before the Emergency Ministerial Meeting held here today by the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation to discuss the issue.

"This despicable, provocative and flagrant act against the most sacred place on the earth and Muslim feelings violates sanctities and goes beyond limits. This criminal, heinous act absolutely exposes the true nature of these militias and their allies," Gargash added.

"Those who supplied these militias with the ballistic missiles are also accomplice in the flagrant violation of sacred places, '' he said.

"It also lays bare the nature of the Houthi rebellion and its conspiracy against our region and its stability, and reaffirms our firm position against this rebellion and coup against the legitimacy in Yemen. It will reinforce our resolve and determination to succeed in our mission," the Minister stressed.

''Condemnation and denunciation of this cowardly act is not enough and solidarity against perpetrators of this act should be the minimum position in defence of our sacred shrines,'' he added.

Gargash also lauded the vigilance of the Saudi armed forces for intercepting the missile and urged the Muslim World to stand united to deter the enemies of Islam.

Source: Emirates News Agency