ABU DHABI, The UAE, in general, and Abu Dhabi, in particular, have the necessary practical and technological enablers to support social innovation and integrate it into the cultures of all community entities.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency (WAM), on the sidelines of the launch of the “Social Innovation Talks”, Dr. Layla Al Hyas, Acting Executive Director of the Department of Community Development’s Monitoring and Innovation Sector, said that Abu Dhabi prioritises innovation, being the foundation of development and the key driver of the local social sector, providing citizens and residents with decent living standards and strengthening the social and economic growth of the entire community.

The emirates also aims to build an efficient and tolerant community that will reinforce the UAE’s global leadership in social innovation, she added.

Dr. Al Hyas stated that innovation is a fundamental factor in community development and achieving sustainable development, highlighting the significant rise in the interest in social innovation around the world over the past decade, as it can help achieve sustainable economic growth.

Speaking on how to raise the community’s awareness of social innovation, Dr. Al Hyas pointed out that innovation is the key to the future and is an important tool for addressing various social challenges, while noting that the department is organising the Social Innovation Talks, which is a series of awareness and cultural sessions targeting a range of social innovation leaders from around the world.

The department has a key competitive advantage, due to its distinguished role in leading social innovation in the region through the establishment of the sector, to become a leading centre of social innovation and address community challenges, she added.

On the role of the department in supporting innovation and innovators, she stressed that the DCD, in line with the vision of the country’s leadership, aims to promote the culture of innovation, to improve the quality of services provided by the social sector and establish a comprehensive and cohesive community in Abu Dhabi.

The department is strengthening the culture of innovation by encouraging social innovation initiatives, offering sustainable financing and creating social innovation business incubators, as well as promoting organisational partnerships, she further added.

The UAE is ranked first in the Arab region in the Global Innovation Index 2019, and innovation is one of the national pillars of the UAE Vision 2021, entitled, “United in Knowledge”, which aims to create a flexible and diverse knowledge-based economy led by skilled Emirati cadres.


Source: Emirates News Agency