KUWAIT, 24th April, 2016 (WAM) — The fourth round of the UN-sponsored direct intra-Yemeni peace talks kicked off on Sunday with high hopes after seeing positive progress in yesterday’s meetings.

On Saturday, representatives of the Yemeni government, the General People’s Congress and Ansarullah movement held two sessions at Bayan Palace in the presence of the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Yemen, Ismael Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

The negotiators discussed the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 2216, the efforts to augment the ceasefire agreement that took force on April 10th, and the launching of a peaceful process in Yemen based on the GCC Initiative and the outcome of the Yemeni National Dialogue, the Kuwaiti news agency, KUNA, has reported.

An evening session led to an agreement to set up a ceasefire-monitoring panel made up of one person from each party.

The delegation called on armed groups to withdraw from areas, handing over heavy and medium weapons to the state, resuming a comprehensive political dialogue, and forming a special committee to deal with prisoners and detainees.