DUBAI, 10th October, 2016 (WAM)– Islamic financing, based upon values of justice and inclusiveness, offers global investment opportunities estimated to reach US$3 trillion by 2020, according to Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Adopting the Islamic economic system presents a real opportunity to develop management methods, economic growth and trade by specialists in these areas, said Sheikh Mohammed.

“The Islamic economic system demonstrated its high efficiency over the years in a way that no other economic system has achieved. The roots of this system have been established on a global level through trade caravans that followed these principles for more than a thousand years in trade around the world,” he added.

He noted that the Islamic financing is an integrated economic and social system that ensures the development of a strong economy and creates an environment of justice and fairness in society.

“No wonder that the adoption of the Islamic economic system constitutes a key factor for economic growth, creation of jobs and new initiatives in cooperation among local, Islamic and international institutions. Today, the Islamic model in a number of financial institutions is being tested around the world, as it has started to deliver results,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

He added that the World Islamic Economy Summit continues to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Islamic economic system, in pursuit of sustainable development.