Tokyo, 13th May, 2016 (WAM) – The Japanese government at a cabinet meeting on Friday adopted a 778-billion-yen fiscal 2016 supplementary budget to finance programs to rebuild the southwestern Japan prefecture of Kumamoto and nearby areas damaged by a series of strong earthquakes since mid-April.

The budget, submitted to the Diet the same day, is expected to be enacted on Tuesday, according to Jiji Press.

By quickly compiling the budget a month after the 6.5-magnitude foreshock struck on April 14, the government intends to accelerate the reconstruction of the afflicted areas.

Of the total, 700 billion yen, or about 90 pct, will likely be used to finance the restoration of damaged infrastructure such as roads and railways, disposal of debris from the disaster and support for affected businesses.

About 57.3 billion yen will be used for constructing and securing 15,000 units of temporary housing.