ABU DHABI, 28th February, 2016 (WAM)–Japan has asked Memory of the World Register of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) ” to reconcile it with China on the dispute over the legality of inclusion of the documents highlighting practices each side denies to have committed.

This was stated by Dr. Abdullah Al Rais, Director-General of the National Archives, and Head of Memory of the World Register while receiving a delegation from the Japanese Foreign Ministry to discuss the matter, which was a bone of contention between the two countries during the conference, hosted by the UAE last year. Then the issue was frozen.

Dr. Al Rais said, the UAE in its capacity as the head of programme, will seek to resolve the problem between the two countries, in manner that does not violate the Register systems, and with satisfaction of both parties.

The Japanese delegation discussed with Dr. Al Rais some relevant issues about Memory of the World Register. The delegation praised the significant performance of Dr. Al Rais, citing his competence that earned him praise from UNESCO and its members.

After the meeting, the delegation was briefed on the history of the National Archives, the stages of its development and its constructive relations with other national archives in many countries worldwide. The Japanese delegation emphasised the importance of strengthening relations between the National Archives and the Japanese Archive, and the importance of exchanging expertise and benefiting from the advanced and unique experiences of both sides in the field of documentation and archiving.

Memory of the World Register, was established in 1992 to preserve and ensure access to documentary heritage of “world significance and outstanding universal value.”