Jordan braces for stormy, rainy weather as low-pressure system approaches

Jordan is bracing for the impact of an approaching low-pressure system on Sunday, characterized by a northeast-centered air depression near Cyprus. This system will bring relatively cold and humid air masses, along with strong winds, to the kingdom, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said.

As a result, temperatures are expected to drop significantly, and rainfall is forecast for the northern and central governorates. Throughout the evening and night hours, the rain is anticipated to gradually extend to other regions of the country.

Some areas, including the Dead Sea region, can expect heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms and hail, leading to the formation of floods and rising water levels in valleys and low-lying areas. The strong westerly winds, occasionally gusting over 65 km/h, will also cause dust storms and reduced horizontal visibility, p, particularly in the desert regions.

The JMD warned in its report of the danger of reduced horizontal visibility due to dust, especially in the Badi
a region, and occasional complete loss of visibility on desert roads before the rain. It also warned of the risk of strong wind speeds and accompanying gusts, which may exceed 65 km/h in some areas. Additionally, the formation of flash floods and rising water levels in valleys and lowlands, including the Dead Sea.

The JMD advises caution on slippery roads during rainfall and potentially reduced visibility, due to low-hanging clouds, and the risk of thunderstorms and hail.

On Monday, the Kingdom will continue to be influenced by the relatively cold and moist air masses, resulting in decreasing temperatures. The weather will be cold, cloudy, and intermittently rainy in most areas, with occasional heavy downpours, especially in the southwestern parts of the country.

Thunderstorms and hail are expected, accompanied by active northwesterly winds. As the night approaches, the intensity of rainfall will gradually weaken, wind speeds will decrease, and fog is expected to form over mountainous areas.

Tuesday will
see a slight increase in temperatures, with relatively cool and partly cloudy weather prevailing in most regions. The temperature will be pleasant in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba. There is a possibility of light morning showers in the northern and central parts of the kingdom. The winds will be moderate and northwesterly.

Today’s peak temperatures will be between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius in Amman and various highlands throughout the Kingdom, with lows of 10 or even 6 C in the southern highlands at night. The Gulf city of Aqaba will have sweltering weather, with highs of 27C and lows of 16C.

Source: Jordan News Agency