AMMAN, 25th October, 2016 (WAM) — Hani Mulki, Jordanian Prime Minister, has reiterated Jordan’s support for Yemen and its legitimacy, as well as efforts being made to regain security and stability in the country.

At a meeting in Amman with his Yemeni counterpart, Ahmed bin Dagher, Mulki said that King Abdullah II of Jordan stressed support to political solutions to crises in all global arenas, as well as in a number of Arab countries, including Yemen and Syria.

The Petra News Agency quoted Mr. Mulki as saying, “A political solution is reasonable and optimal to safeguard Yemenis and their country and put an end to the conflict there.” He also pointed out the importance of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 2216 and to engage in serious negotiations to reach a peaceful solution.

During the meeting, Mr. bin Dagher updated Mulki on the latest developments in his country, and the two premiers also discussed bilateral ties, particularly regarding facilities provided to Yeminis in Jordan, whether for study or medical treatment purposes.