ABU DHABI, The Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation has donated school supplies to five schools in the town of Qalansiyah on Socotra Island, Yemen.

The supplies included 667 chairs and tables, thousands of stationery items and 800 notebooks.

An official from the foundation said that its humanitarian initiative to support students in Qalansiyah is part of its many educational initiatives that aim to build, restore and supply schools in Yemen's liberated areas, noting that the school supplies arrived at the right time and will cover the needs of local students during the school year.

The education office in Socotra praised the donations of the UAE, through its humanitarian and charity organisations, especially the humanitarian gesture of the foundation.

The foundation aims, through its projects, to support the education sector in Socotra, which is suffering from a lack of resources and qualified teachers. It is currently training teachers in new educational methods to develop the island's education system.

It is also keen to restore schools and increase the number of local classes, to create a supportive environment for students.

Source: Emirates News Agency