The World Cup Cricket 2015 has been suffering from attendance crisis since the beginning of the competition on February 15. Poor attendance in the stadium dents the beauty and spirit of a match alongside the whole tournament.Less attendance means less revenue and less revenue means less profit or no profit at all. However, it is the concern of the ICC and the cohosts.
Our concern is Bangladesh team’s performance in the World Cup, and whether to fly across the tumultuous sea for a berth in the quarterfinals. With three points in three matches, Bangladesh will play their remaining three matches against England, Scotland and group leaders New Zealand.Bangladesh can expect full two points from Scotland, but points from the matches with England and New Zealand will be extremely difficult. As such, the players must play their best without thinking what will happen in the end.
In this regard, I like to remind our cricketers that hosts South Korea beat hot favourites Iran in the Asian Games Basketball final 2014, which caused sensation. Impossible became a reality because the South Koreans simply played their best.On Saturday, defending champions India outplayed UAE and New Zealand narrowly beat Australia to cruise into the quarterfinals.
On the other hand, UAE, Afghanistan, Scotland and perhaps Pakistan are out of contest so far the points table is concerned. The remaining six spots in the quarterfinals will be filled from among Australia, Bangladesh, England, Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe.If Bangladesh can qualify, that will be a great event in the sports history of the country.