YEMEN, Colonel Sadiq al-Duweid, Spokesman of the National Resistance in Yemen, has emphasised that the Yemeni Resistance Forces in all their formations and with the strong participation and support of the UAE Armed Forces operating within the Arab Coalition, have advanced to the outskirts of the Hodeidah city, less than 15 kilometres from the city and 11 kilometres from its airport, in a qualitative and well-planned military operation, which deprived the Houthi militias loyal to Iran of its ability to withstand and remain stationed on the ground amid a mass fleeing of their commanders from the first rank towards the mountains and a state of defeat and refraction in their ranks.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Al-Duweid added that the liberation of Hodeidah is in accordance with a military plan, which the members of the Houthi militias are not expecting. A crushing and overwhelming defeat awaits them on the Red Sea Coast of Yemen against heavy military equipment with the participation and support of the Arab Coalition fighter jets, armoured vehicles, tanks and artillery in addition to massive military reinforcements in preparation for the final battle to get rid of the militias and defeat the coup plan in Yemen in record time.

He also pointed out that the Yemeni Resistance forces continue to tighten the screws on the remaining elements of the militias in the Tahita, Zubaid and Al-Jarrahi districts while the Houthi gunmen fled from the liberated Red Sea Coast. This follows their overwhelming defeat, leaving behind equipment and weapons, and the deaths of hundreds at the hands of the Yemeni Resistance amid accelerated field progress towards Hodeidah Airport as its liberation is just around the corner.

The spokesman of the National Resistance in Yemen noted that the participating forces worked in harmony and with high morale for the great victories on the Red Sea Coast Front and continue to do so.

The spokesman also pointed out that more than 93 elements of the Houthi militias were killed, including field commanders who have been managing the battles during confrontations with the Yemeni Resistance Forces in the past 48 hours.

He added that the forces were able to capture dozens of members of the militia and the Houthi leaders are sure that the coup is nearing its end following the qualitative progress of the Arab Coalition and the Resistance Forces towards Hodeidah and its strategic port.

He indicated that Hodeidah city is currently staging a massive popular uprising against the Houthi militias and their terrorist practices that affect the Yemeni people who are opposed to the coup by the rebels against the legitimacy and reject the evil regional schemes that do not want good either for Yemen or its people.

''The people of Hodeidah are eagerly waiting for the coalition and the resistance forces to liberate the city and rid them from the forces of tyranny and aggression,'' he stated.

He asserted that the mines planted by the Houthi militias will not deter the National Resistance Forces from advancing towards Hodeidah city and its port, both of which are now at a stone's throw.

''The militias are continuing to plant mines in an arbitrary manner that shows the state of panic among their ranks. The resistance engineers have managed to dismantle hundreds of mines in preparation for the salvation battle,'' he added.

He said that the Iran-backed militias have been losing ground and their ranks have seen an unprecedented collapse and as a result, the coalition and resistance forces are making rapid advances towards Hodeidah city and its seaport to expel the rebels and thwart their coup plot.

The resistance forces, he noted, have seized large quantities of Iranian-made mines, munitions and weapons, which they found during the combing operations, after defeating the rebels who fled the battlegrounds en masse.

''The Houthi militias have been dealt successive fatal military blows by the resistance forces who are on their way to liberate the Hodeidah port and cut off the lifeline of weapons smuggling from Iran,'' he added.

''The liberation of Hodeidah city will teach the Houthis a tough lesson through a surprise, decisive qualitative military operations after destroying the militias' main defenses and enforcement, which they count on, on the Red Sea Coast," he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency