NEW DELHI, 31st July (WAM) — At least 28 people were killed by lightning strikes in India’s eastern state of Odisha.

Special Relief Commissioner, Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra, said most of the victims were farm labourers who were ploughing their farms.

Meanwhile, at least nine people were killed when a three-storey building collapsed in heavy rains in Bhiwandi, a Mumbai suburb on Sunday, Reuters reported citing local media.

Persistent heavy rains this week have caused widespread disruption across South Asia. At least 68 people died in Nepal by flash floods and landslides.

Lightning also killed 15 people in Bangladesh in the past two days, disaster management officials in Dhaka said on Sunday, adding to a death toll of 17 in flooding on Saturday.

About 50,000 people from southern and eastern India had to be evacuated in recent days as storms pushed water levels to dangerous levels, damaging crops and causing more than 3,000 houses to collapse.