Abu Dhabi , mother / of the club long camp ceremony of the heritage of the UAE today Bfagliat diverse students in which all males participating centers a forum Thuraya which is witnessing tomorrow the conclusion of its activities , which lasted about two weeks under the slogan of "Year of Good" under the patronage of HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan , representative of His Highness the Head of State President of the club, and with the participation of various centers affiliated to the club.

He also participated Bfagliat today, which was attended by His Excellency Ali Abdullah Al Rumaithi , Executive Director of Studies and Media and Mr. Said immune Director of Activities Department and a number of officials at the club, a team of Scout Commission of Abu Dhabi, in the framework of the keenness of the club management on the participation of students and Alncye from various educational and youth institutions events heritage and inform them on the club 's experience in linking the emerging national Bmorothm.

He met in the fields of long camp students of Abu Dhabi centers, tolerant and Suwaihan eye and jump, and have lived an eventful day of heritage, sports and recreational activities, various competitions, as he shared the day with a delegation that included 15 participants from the Scout Commission of Abu Dhabi, in the framework of the keenness of the club to expand interest in the activities of the club various student and youth groups and institutions concerned to inform the club 's experience in the education of young people and emerging many of the vocabulary of heritage and introduce them to the various areas of life experienced by parents and grandparents.

Said Rashid , head of the affairs of the centers at the club that Rumaithi server all come through a variety of traditional activities thought to be implemented within a comprehensive and distributed programs throughout the year, and be intense in the school holidays, in order to give emerging and young people the knowledge, values and attitudes that enable them to understand the heritage and inspiration through it educational, and familiarize them with the components of heritage and his close relationship to national identity in the context of maintaining the constants and the values of this identity , which is the source of our pride and our pride.

Included the events of many popular games, such as tug, beach games such as football, volleyball, and participated in the traditional, cultural and sports competitions Being outspoken knowledge and have fun and provided them with special communication and exchange of knowledge atmosphere, before they start preparing food lunches on their own journey, where they and thus carried out the cooking process by traditional methods in the open in order to identify the practical colors of popular dishes, and ways perfectly prepared , as was done with the old parents and grandparents ..oakb so the students clean up the long beach campaign in order to preserve the environment.

And a variety of day activities of women 's centers, where the center of the ceremony of Abu Dhabi Women since this morning , a number of training workshops heritage, environmental and technical, encompassing Talli industry, Osev wicker, and the preparation of popular dishes such as "Khabeesah", as well as drawing on the glass, along with the contest "Little Keeper", and workshop the contest "little reader," which used the center to the organization throughout the days of the forum, where he was today honored by outstanding in this competition.

It was not much different in the center of the noble women, which included workshops , traditional handicrafts such as Sadu industry, spinning, and the preparation of popular dishes, industry and medals, as well as a workshop for waste recycling.

Source: Emirates News Agency