LUX Celebrates A Century Of Unmatched Fragrance With “Still There” Campaign

LUX invites everyone to rediscover the enduring power of its fragrances and to experience firsthand why, after a hundred years, LUX’s signature scents are “Still There.”

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire –  24 April 2024 – The global beauty brand under Unilever, LUX, a pioneer in luxurious personal care and fragrant soaps, is proud to announce its new campaign, “Still There”, created by VML Singapore, this campaign is a nostalgic journey through time that showcases the enduring appeal and lasting power of its signature fragrances.

Honouring a remarkable 100-year legacy of infusing fine French fragrances into its products, LUX reaffirms its commitment to quality and draws on this proud heritage to highlight the lasting power of LUX’s unique scents, which continue to enchant users decades after their introduction, setting a new standard in the personal care industry.

The concept behind “Still There” is simple yet profound: demonstrating that the fragrances used in LUX soaps not only persist but remain distinctive and captivating over time. To bring this concept to life, LUX undertook an ambitious project to locate and test vintage LUX soaps, some of which date back to as early as 1938. After more than 500 hours of searching and over 75 days of procurement, these soaps were analysed by the esteemed Givaudan Perfumery School. The results were astounding. Descriptors like “Very feminine but with a strong identity” and “Beautiful scent, very opulent, sweet and floral” confirmed that the fragrances had stood the test of time – they were indeed “Still There.”

The campaign sets itself apart through its innovative blend of historical reverence and modern scientific validation. Unlike other campaigns that may rely solely on contemporary appeal, LUX has tapped into its rich archives to prove a point about quality and consistency. This unique approach not only showcases LUX’s commitment to excellence but also bridges generations of users who have chosen LUX soaps for their distinctive and lasting fragrances.

“We are thrilled to embark on this nostalgic journey with the ‘Still There’ campaign, which not only celebrates our rich heritage but also underscores our commitment to quality and innovation,” said Severine Vauleon, Global Vice President, LUX Bath and Body, Unilever “By exploring our archival soaps and demonstrating their enduring fragrance, we pay homage to a century of excellence and reaffirm our promise to deliver unparalleled sensory experiences to our consumers. LUX has always been at the forefront of combining luxurious touches with everyday personal care, and this campaign beautifully encapsulates the essence of what we stand for.”

VML Singapore created this campaign to underscore LUX’s strengths in fragrance longevity and quality, areas where it outperforms competitors. By successfully preserving the integrity of its soap fragrances for decades, LUX demonstrates its superiority in fragrance infusion technology and its deep understanding of consumer desires for enduring and pleasant scents.

As part of the “Still There” campaign, LUX introduced an engaging interactive element with social media influencers to broaden its impact and reach. LUX sent beautifully crafted boxes to selected influencers, each containing four samples of soap powder drawn from different historical periods. These influencers were encouraged to smell the samples and describe the fragrances, capturing their initial impressions and sensory experiences. After recording their thoughts, they opened an accompanying envelope that revealed the age of each sample, some being decades old. The surprise element highlighted the timelessness of LUX fragrances. To connect the past with the present, the box also included two of LUX’s current body washes, demonstrating that today’s products continue to deliver up to 24 hours of lasting fragrance. This creative approach not only emphasised the consistency and heritage of LUX’s quality but also showcased its evolution and adaptation to contemporary beauty standards.

Hinoti Joshi, Global Managing Partner Unilever at VML, Singapore, who spearheaded the campaign, commented, “by weaving together the past and the present in this unique experiential campaign, we’ve highlighted not only the enduring legacy of LUX fragrances but also their relevance and appeal in today’s market. This initiative serves as a bridge connecting generations, proving that truly luxury and exquisite scents are indeed timeless. We are excited to see how this campaign resonates with both long-time fans and new audiences alike, reinforcing LUX’s position as a leader in the world of fine fragrance personal care.”

LUX continues to lead with innovation while staying true to the timeless allure that has defined the brand for a century. “Still There” is more than a campaign—it is a testament to LUX’s legacy and its future in offering consumers the ultimate experience in indulgent and lasting fragrance.

About LUX

LUX is committed to creating indulgent skincare products that provide consumers with a touch of glamour and an exceptional experience. Known for its commitment to quality, LUX continues to harness the power of technology and the finest ingredients to deliver superior product offerings globally.