“Caritas Lebanon” on Tuesday celebrated its fiftieth anniversary (golden jubilee) since its foundation in a ceremony held at the main center in Sin El Fil, attended by Caretaker Information Minister, Ziad Makary, Caritas Lebanon President Father Michel Abboud, National News Agency (NNA) Director Ziad Harfouche, Catholic Information Center Director, Father Abdo Abu Kasem, Head of “Labora” Association, Father Toni Khadra, as well as scores of media professionals and Caritas senior staff.

In his delivered word marking the occasion, Father Michel Abboud highlighted the important role of the media in the march of Caritas, addressing media professionals by saying, “The pinnacle of giving lies in giving what we have, and you as media professionals, your giving is transmitting the word.”

Minister Makary, in turn, said, "I am pleased and honored to be here, at the kind invitation of Caritas president, dear father Michel Abboud. Caritas name is etched in the human conscience.”

"Fifty years during which Caritas Association moved forward with steady steps towards a clear goal, which is the human being, as a value in itself, and it never tainted itself with religious, sectarian and confessional affiliations, and here lies its strength,” Minister Makary maintained.

The Caretaker Minister also indicated that despite the stifling financial conditions endured in the last two years by the Lebanese, “Caritas has remained an authentic cedar of Lebanon's perennial cedars, steadfast with its firm roots in the face of strong economic winds.”

The ceremony included a number of documentaries which shed light on the Caritas' achievements in all fields over the past fifty years in all Lebanese regions.

After a chat between Father Abboud and the attendees, they toured the various parts of the center.

Source: National News Agency