Maronite bishops held their monthly meeting at Bkirki under the chairmanship of the Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Rahi, with talks focusing on the Lebanese united stance at the Arab League, among other subjects.

According to a statement read in the wake of the meeting, Bishops welcomed the distinguished unified discourse during the participation of the Lebanese at the 28th Arab Summit in Jordan under the chairmanship of President Michel Aoun, and with the participation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and a number of ministers.

"This unified stance brought Lebanon's role back as an effective actor on the Arab and international arenas, and highlighted the fact that its strength lies in the unity and solidarity of its sons," the statement read.

Praising the Arab position in support of Lebanon, Bishops hoped "this will motivate the Lebanese to move forward in taking the appropriate decisions on basic issues, foremost of which is the enactment of a new election law that guarantees fair representation of all citizens on the basis of coexistence and democracy which characterize our political system."

"This should be done before the constitutional deadlines," conferees urged, applauding the long awaited step taken by the government in approving the budget and developing a plan to solve the issue of electricity, despite the polarization that emerged while discussing these critical dossiers.

"Lebanon needs long-term reforms and planning, in addition to coordination between the public and the private sectors. The fight against corruption, especially the waste of public money and tax evasion, which is blatantly and systematically exhausting the State, remains the main concern. The elimination of corruption and wastage is key for every reform within the State," the bishops concluded.

Source: National News Agency