Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nouhad Mashnouk, on Wednesday called on Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Nayef, to lead an initiative to establish a robust security force in cooperation with different Arab countries "to put together a continuous communication, coordination, and information exchange strategy, in an attempt to face the many challenges and dangers storming the region."

"The survival of one country depends on that of the other. There is no individual survival facing the collapse of an entire state," the Minister said in a word he had delivered during his participation in Tunisia's Arab Interior Ministers meeting.

Recalling the last three Arab Foreign Ministers' meetings that he had attended, Mashnouk wondered whether previous talks had been successfully translated into action.

"It's sure not fair to say that we have failed. Serious accomplishments steer us clear from failure. In Lebanon, we managed to strike terrorism in unprecedented ways, and this has spared Lebanon from a real bloodbath. But the most awkward thing is that the bigger the success, the bigger the challenges and the bigger the threats," Mashnouk added.

The Minister also lauded the pioneering UAE initiative touting the principles of forgiveness and balance among social and state institutions.

"I hope all get inspired by this experience and consider adopting it within the frame of an Arab strategy, in cooperation with Al-Azhar and the Arab Islamic Conference," Mashnouk said.

He went on to blame three main dynamics for regional instability: the collapse of national states, Iranian interventions, and rampant extremism.

"These three dynamics have come together against the security and stability of our societies, not to mention threaten our future and that of our children," Mashnouk added.

Moreover, the Minister anticipated bigger terrorist danger and activity after the end of Mosul and Al-Raqa battles.

"This doubles the need for a healthy Arab framework to face these challenges."

Source: National News Agency