DUBAI, 12th November 2016 (WAM) – Some 39 out of 72 finalists have sat the tests of the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Int’l Holy Quran Competition, all participants have shined on the stage and inspired the large audience present.

The latest batch of competitors, which included six memorisers, appeared in public at the Dubai Cultural and Scientific Associations, Al Mamzar area on Saturday as part of the eight day of the global competition running on Nov 06-18.

These were Zaquia Abubacar, Mozambique, Fatemah Alajmi, Kuwait, Ousman Teguil Aicha, Chad, Hamnat Chadhouli Bacar, France, Isra Cummings, South Africa, and Aicha Kattae, Croatia.

All contestants were so proud and happy to be part of the very first edition of this prestigious competition, and meeting this big number of full Quran female memorisers from across the globe.

“Representing our countries with honour, ranking first, going home with the biggest prize, and setting a shiny example for Quran memorisers all over the world are our sweetest dreams,” they said.

Paying tributes to the organising committee, they said that the 20-year-old Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) is very famous all over the world, and they always wished to chip in.

Ibrahim Mohammed Bu Melha, Adviser to the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs and Head of the Award Organising Committee, said all the contestants were doing quite well. “They have inspired the audience with their exceptional performance.”

More tuneful voices are coming up, he promised. “A big number of people attend the contest daily activities, apart from many others online, on the radio, and on satellite channels.”

The competition has indeed met the set objectives, Bu Melha stated. “Local and international media are closely following the activities of the competition, and that reflects the good reputation of DIHQA, and its numerous branches.”

The Dubai Media Inc., in collaboration with the DIHQA Media Unit, has launched a satellite channel particularly for the award on Nilesat, Arabsat, and Hotbird to keep the audience updated about the competition, he disclosed.