ABU DHABI, The Ministry of Community Development issued a manual for employing people of determination, in implementation of the "National Policy for Empowering People of Determination."

The policy aims to initiate related policies for government and private institutions and create a national database to ensure the employment welfare of people of determination, in line with Cabinet Decision No. 43 for 2018 concerning the employment of people of determination under suitable arrangements and facilities to ensure equality.

The manual aims to create an inclusive working environment for various categories of people of determination and ensure equal opportunities at all stages of recruitment, including in interviews, training programmes, job evaluations and assessments, promotions and retirement.

The manual is divided into eight chapters, which are polarisation, interviews and evaluations, selection and job specification, guidance and professional supervision, working environment, employment options, job training, and sustainable employment. The manual also targets four categories, which are people of determination who are operators, those who are services providers for rehabilitation and vocational services, all people of determination, and their parents.

Speaking about the manual, Wafa Hamda bin Sulaiman, Director of the Welfare and Rehabilitation Department for People of Determination, said, "The manual reflects the directives of the UAE's leadership concerning people of determination to implement policies and decisions that will have a positive impact on their overall lives. The National Policy for Empowering People of Determination includes several pillars, goals and initiatives that aim to ensure their rights as mentioned in Federal Law No. 29 for 2006 concerning the rights of persons with disabilities."

She added that the manual explains many of the terms, procedures and systems that must be considered when employing people of determination, which will assist federal, government and private sectors in implementing the cabinet's decision.

Wafa bin Sulaiman also stressed that the manual aims to encourage employers, directors and senior management from government and private sectors to take the necessary steps that will ensure the inclusive employment of people of determination.

Employing people of determination must be based on the belief in their right to fill suitable positions as equals of their peers, she further added, noting that to open doors for people of determination who wish to occupy vacant positions and achieve justice and equal opportunities, the ministry created an e-recruitment platform on its website (www.mocd.gov.ae) that enables organisations and companies to advertise vacancies.

The manual contains all the requirements for employing people of determination, addresses relevant challenges and explains the definitions of all disabled categories mentioned in the "National Classification of Disabilities Symbols in the UAE" that states that there are 11 disabled categories who have significantly different abilities, which must be considered to support them at work and ensure their professional stability and career advancement on an equal basis with others.

The manual also provides guidelines for current and prospective employers and enables the parents of people of determination to identify their employment rights.

Source: Emirates News Agency