DUBAI, The Ministry of Education has developed a physical education curriculum to be implemented in public and private schools, starting from the second semester in 2017.

The new curriculum targets all educational levels and supports the ministry's aim of building healthy generations of students.

Highlighting that the inclusion of physical education in the curriculum was an unprecedented step of the Ministry, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, said its vision was based on including modern curricula, which would help build the students' personality, introduce them to modern educational practices, work on sharpening their determination, clarify their minds and diversify their skills.

The ministry has designed the educational curriculum for physical education, keeping in mind the national effort, and with the help of international expertise, which would fulfil the individual needs of the country's students, the Minister revealed.

The curriculum includes all levels, from kindergarten through the 12th grade, and it covers a wide range of sub-topics, including physical tests and training, fitness, diet, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, he affirmed.

In sync with the nation's agenda and its Vision 2021, the ministry has ensured a drastic change in the current physical education system, to assure it meets international standards, he added.

The physical education curriculum will assist students to develop their own educational and lifestyle decisions, and help them improve their health and physical fitness, he remarked.

The curriculum stands out as it moves away from traditional methods to a new system of high standards, including a wide group of skills and fields of development, he pointed out.

He stressed the importance of including parents in this programme, as they are integral to making the new curriculum a success. Students need the constant encouragement of their parents to create positive life patterns and develop healthy habits that will become an essential part of their futures, he noted.

Source: Emirates News Agency