DUBAI,The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) today held a stakeholder workshop, in collaboration with the Agricultural Materials Company, a distributor of agricultural chemicals, and Yara International ASA, a leading Norwegian fertiliser company and provider of environmental solutions. The workshop highlighted the importance of leveraging modern fertiliser programmes to ensure a high yield of healthy crops.

The workshop introduced attendees to recent advances in fertigation and some of the most effective and efficient fertiliser programs currently employed around the world. With a special focus on the modern fertiliser programme in Europe, the workshop also offered insights on the proposed pilot programs to be implemented on the Solanaceae and Cucurbit crops in open fields and greenhouses as well as the latest developments in hydroponics.

In addition, the session touched upon the ways of identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms, the effect of high PH on the absorption of nutrients in fertigation and foliar feeding, and the different formulations of fertilisers available in the market today.

Speaking on the workshop, Sultan Alwan Al Habsi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Regions Sector at MOCCAE, said: "This workshop is a prime example of the Ministry's commitment to coordinating with private sector stakeholders to build the capacities of a targeted segment. Today, we are encouraging agricultural extension service providers and farmers across the UAE to embrace modern agricultural practices that support the preservation of natural resources for future generations."

He added: "We are confident that farmers left the workshop better informed on how to use cutting-edge fertilisers and fertigation methods to ensure plants receive adequate nutrition and optimal care. Applying the right fertilisers is an integral part of the agricultural process to increase the productivity and quality of the crop yield."

Source: Emirates News Agency