MoFA Instructs Embassies In S. Arabia, UAE To Solve Afghans’ Problems

Kabul-Deputy Foreign Minister in Financial and Administrative Affairs Nasir Ahmad Andisha held video conference with the Afghan Ambassador and General Consul in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and Charge d' affaires and General Consul in Riyadh and Jeddah, a MoFA statement said.

At the outset, the Deputy Minister explained the process and schemes of the Foreign Ministry mentioned in decisions and guidelines of the Security Council Meeting in relation with solving the problems of Afghan citizens in Gulf Countries with their passports and identity cards.

"Registering Afghan citizens living in those countries is one of the priorities of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fortunately, this issue was mentioned in the president's recent visit to those countries, and it shows the importance of this issue for the country's authorities," Nasir Ahmad Andisha said, adding that 10 modern printers would be purchased soon that can print 120 passports in an hour. In terms of giving information to Afghan citizens living in those countries, the Deputy Minister advised that there hast to be made a comprehensive scheme for giving information to Afghan citizens and share the scheme with the Foreign Ministry. The Embassies and General Consulates of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Saudi and UAE welcomed the idea and asked for a quick purchase process of the printers. They also shared their ideas in terms of registering Afghan citizens living in those countries.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency