DUBAI, The Ministry of Health and Prevention's Youth Council, MoHAP's Youth Council, and the Civil Defence's Youth Council have explored means of boosting cooperation and sharing creative ideas to develop coordination mechanisms, launch bilateral initiatives, and tackle most important challenges, so as to realise the strategic objectives of youth councils.

This announcement came as part of a meeting held recently between the two sides in the presence of Dr. Sultan Sharif, Chairman of MoHAP's Youth Council, Captain Humaid Abdalla Ali, Head of Civil Defence's Youth Council, and a number of members of both councils.

Dr. Sharif welcomed the members of the Civil Defence's Youth Council, stressing the importance of holding such meetings to enhance positive communication and exchange experiences. "This would help develop the performance of the various youth councils and affirm the confidence of the wise leadership in the youth's role in sustainable development and future journey," he said.

Sharif pointed to the competencies and capabilities of youth council members in terms of creativity, learning capacity, cooperation, work under pressure, positivity, flexibility, and their ability to influence others.

He shed light on a package of initiatives and programmes launched by MoHAP's Youth Council and the most significant future plans aiming to enhance youth's leading role in the Ministry of Health.

Sharif pointed to the most important awareness, cultural, and recreational initiatives and programmes announced earlier this year. These initiatives include the programme of future youth leaders in the health field. This programme is the first of its kind in the Middle East that aims at qualifying a youth leadership able to transform MoHAP into the future.

Another initiative is "60 Minutes with Inspiring Character" which aims at acquainting youth with the best successful experiences and practices to be their motive for inspiring success.

In turn, Captain Ali, reviewed the most important programmes included in the Civil Defence Youth Council's plan and the working mechanism among the council members, as per the specialties and distribution in the civil defence departments across the country.

In addition to the strategic direction of the Civil Defence's Youth Council and the objectives according to the outputs to be achieved, as well as to serve the strategic indicators in the Civil Defence Sector and the Ministry of Interior.

He pointed out that the meeting emphasised the important role played by the youth councils in launching and adopting initiatives based on their creative ideas to enhance their community participation.

Source: Emirates News Agency