DUBAI, -- A total of 15,330 surgeries have performed at Dubai Health Authority's hospitals in the first half of 2016 while 41,528 were admitted to the hospitals during the same period.

Dr Ahmad bin Kalban, CEO of Hospital Services Sector at the DHA, said that out of the 15,330 surgeries conducted at DHA hospitals, 7,569 were major surgeries while 7,761 were minor surgeries.

In Rashid Hospital, he said of the 9,513 patients admitted, 5,430 came in for surgeries out of which, 2,993 were minor surgeries and 2,437 were major surgeries.

A total of 5,341 surgeries were conducted in Dubai Hospital out of which 2,841 were minor surgeries and 2,500 were major surgeries. In the first six months, 15,904 patients were admitted to Dubai Hospital.

In Latifa Hospital, 4,139 surgeries were conducted, 1,754 were minor surgeries and 2,385 were major surgeries. A total 14,354 patients were admitted to Latifa Hospital in the first six months of 2016.

Dr Kalban said in Hatta Hospital, out of the 1,757 patients admitted 420 came in for surgeries, 247 were major surgeries and 173 were minor surgeries.

Source: Emirates News Agency