MANAMA, 29th September 2016 (WAM) – The Muslim Council of Elders has called for unifying ranks among Muslim and Arab communities to foil plans by those who sow the seeds of sectarianism for sinister political gains.

This was said in a statement issued by the council today at the end of its 8th session in Manama, which was presided over by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and President of the Council Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb on the occasion the council’s special meeting.

The council called on Muslim scholars and intellectuals to unify ranks against divisions and exclusionism, to promote the culture of peace and co-existence, and to combat terrorism and extremism.

The council announced holding of the 3rd International Conference of East and West in Switzerland. The first and second conferences were held in Florence and Paris respectively.

It also announced holding of an international conference on peace and co-existence with representatives from various oriental churches in Cairo next January.