JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The National Agency of Search and Relief of Indonesia (NASR) (formerly BASARNAS) highly supports the Indonesian tourism development by proactively ensuring the safety and security, both the preventive and curative action, of the abundant tourism destinations throughout Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelagic country blessed with many unique, beautiful natural wealth spanning of phenomenal panoramas, god-given coral reefs, and so many exotic flora and fauna, all roaming from Sabang to Merauke. No wonder if there’s tens of millions of both international tourists flock to this country every year. Currently, Indonesia’s tourism sector accounts for approximately four percents of the total economy.

Realizing how great the potential coming from the tourist sector, President of Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo puts a great focus on developing the tourist industry, to drive more foreign tourists coming to Indonesia as the government of Indonesia has set a target of 20 millions foreign visitors by 2020.

Developing uniquely exquisite attractions, strengthening reliable access, and providing industry-standard amenities are three fundamental pillars in constructing a comprehensive, globally-competitive tourism sector. In addition, when the disaster occurs, NASR is greatly committed to providing the end-to-end and tirelessly search and rescue service, no matter what and where it strikes.

To further ensure the tourism destination safety from the disaster threats, NASR joins forces with Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia on the search and rescue operations for all of the travel agencies.

This cooperation is fundamentally designed to ensure the tourists enjoy and absorb the Indonesia’s natural beauty without having to worry about disasters from striking. We wholeheartedly wish the travelers feel comfortable, happy, and, importantly, secure spending their vacation in Indonesia.

Chief of NASR, Marshal Muhammad Syaugi, S.Sos, MM, hopes that NASR could contribute significantly to the country’s tourism sector given it is a major pillar of economic growth. “To achieve that goal, we set a number of principles in conveying a good operations; to act professionally; integrated mechanism of operations; and a wide-ranging SAR-related arsenal as well as a solid teamwork,” Syaugi says.

Established in each of the 34 provinces across Indonesia, BASARNAS is composed of highly trained, elite SAR personnel, and equipped with state-of-the-art life-safety support equipment. No matter how long, how far, and how hard the disaster strikes, the BASARNAS team will be there to evacuate victims, minimizing more loss.

To learn more about the Indonesian National Agency of Search and Relief, please visit http://www.basarnas.go.id.