ABU DHABI, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority-Land and Maritime, has revealed the priority areas and goals of the National Centre for Maritime and Navigation Information for the last quarter of the current year.

The centre will be responsible for releasing information related to safe navigation in maritime ports and corridors and the UAE's regional waters, especially information related to telecommunications, as well as providing the latest information to sea vessels and land stations and conducting hydrographic surveys on maritime corridors, he added while noting that the centre will also provide economic and technical data to major global companies.

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Al Nuaimi stressed that the centre will provide information through an e-platform, which will include information on the UAE's maritime merchant fleet and how to register and apply for local licences for commercial vessels.

He noted that the national maritime transport strategy aims to draft specialist plans that will support the country's economy, by creating economic opportunities and supporting financing, insurance, industries and the maritime education sector, which is the second largest economic sector in the world after oil. The strategy also aims to implement specialist projects in the space and telecommunications sectors, supported by artificial intelligence, AI, he further added.

Al Nuaimi then highlighted the UAE's leading role in protecting maritime transport workers and reinforcing their rights while not discriminating between national or foreign vessels visiting the country's ports.

He also pointed out the importance of compulsory insurance for seafarers working on all ships, and preventing shipping companies from violating the rights of seafarers while adding that the signing of an agreement with the International Transport Workers' Federation, ITF, has helped to ensure the rights of maritime workers, and noting that the UAE has adopted strict legal measures against ship owners and shipping companies that violate these rights.

Source: Emiates News Agency