ABU DHABI, National Geographic Abu Dhabi announced on Monday the release of National Geographic Kids Abu Dhabi Original content 'Weird but True' an Arabic original content adaptation of National Geographic's Weird but True franchise, covering educational, science and general knowledge in a factual entertainment format.

It will aim to inform kids with mind-bending facts that are historically accurate.

Under the themes of science and exploration, 'Weird but True' will deliver interesting and relevant content to children between the ages of 7-14 who are at the peak age of curiosity, eager to learn more about the world they live in and to make it a better place.

Speaking about the release of the show, Dr. Ali bin Tamim, General Manager, Abu Dhabi Media, said: "As part of Abu Dhabi Media's strategic goals, we have always been committed to offering a wide range of topics to all our viewers in the Middle East, offering diverse and unique content to the entire family through visual, written and digital content."

"As part of the strategy of our partnership with National Geographic to offer a wide range of edutainment content for children in the region, 'Weird but True' will act as a unique platform for children giving them opportunity to learn and feed their curiosity and discover the world through fun facts and entertainment." Bin Tamim Concluded.

Weird but True will be hosted by two young and dynamic talents: Hamdan Wasef Shahada Khalil Zoghbor a 14-year-old Emirati and Iman Tarek Doghoz, a 13-year-old Arab residing in the UAE. Together, Hamdan and Iman bring to life a mixture of live- action and animated episodes, interacting with the objects around them to connect with the young audience. Each episode will include 3-4 Weird but true facts presented in a 90 seconds fun and dynamic approach to appeal to young minds.

Source: Emirates News Agency