ABU DHABI, Statistics from the Abu Dhabi and Dubai financial markets pointed out that Non-Arab foreign investors have continued pumping liquidity in Emirati stocks, leading to a rise in their total net value to AED1.68 billion.

The registered rise in the net worth of non-Arab foreign investments resulted from the significant increase in their trading, accounting for AED12.5 billion, both buying and selling, from the start of the year to yesterday.

Foreign trades during the reporting period accounted for 28.7 percent of total trades in the financial markets, amounting to AED43.53 billion, both buying and selling.

The figures also showed that the value of non-Arab foreign investments in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) totalled AED970 million from the start of 2021 to yesterday.

The net worth of foreign “buy” trades in the ADX amounted to AED4.87 billion while the value of “sell” trades totalled AED3.9 billion during the reporting period.

In the Dubai Financial Market, the total net worth of foreign investments totalled AED710 million according to the market’s figures, with “buy” trades accounting for AED2.22 billion and “sell” trades for AED1.51 billion.


Source: Emirates News Agency