KINSHASA -- A person in the Democratic Republic of Congo has died after becoming infected with Ebola, a contagious virus that causes hemorrhagic fever, the country's ministry of health and WHO confirmed on Friday.

''Since 22 April 2017, 9 suspected Ebola Virus Disease cases have been reported including 3 deaths in Likati health district, i.e. a case-fatality rate of 33.3 percent, according to an official assessment on 11 May 2017,'' the ministry said.

''The WHO Country Office in the DRC is working closely with the national and provincial authorities and with the WHO Regional Office for Africa, WHO headquarters in Geneva and all other partners to facilitate deployment of health workers and protective kits in the field to strengthen epidemiological surveillance and rapidly control the outbreak'', says Dr Yokouid? Allarangar, WHO representative in the DRC.

WHO has also drawn up a comprehensive logistics plan to meet urgent requirements. ''The first teams of epidemiologists, biologists, and experts in the areas of social mobilization, risk communication and community engagement, and also personnel specialising in water, hygiene and sanitation, are scheduled to reach the affected area today or tomorrow, Dr Allarangar added.

Source: Emirates News Agency