The Nigerian community in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) has endorsed the candidacy of President Goodluck Jonathan in the next week presidential election.
It’s president and the Coordinator of Goodluck Friends’ International, Hon. Obieze Godown Onyeka, disclosed this in a statement made available to THISDAY at the weekend.
According to him, President Jonathan’s leadership style, foreign policy, youth empowerment and infrastructural development gained him the support of Nigerians in UAE.
“Since his advent in government, Nigerians are no longer harassed at International Airports like common criminals and our host countries now respect us. Besides the upgraded foreign policy, Nigerian foreign ministry and embassies are now standing for Nigerians in any situation.”
Onyeka, who declared that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would win Lagos State governorship election, praised Jonathan on his effort to combat insurgency in the country.
“PDP will also win in Lagos. This is because of Jonathan’s respect for human rights, humility, love for the youth, building of conducive environment for infrastructural development and youth empowerment. Consider the upgrade of our airports, railways, building of more universities and creation of employments,” he noted.
While stating that the criticism of Jonathan administration was borne out of hate, Onyeka absolved the president of the foreign reserve depletion.
“The present state of Nigeria economy is a product of global dwindling oil price and economic stagnation. Jonathan has also done well by re-arming the military, and that is why we have positive results.”
“Nigerians in Dubai and our non-governmental organisation (NGO), Goodluck Friends International are replicating what President Jonathan stands for. Since 2011, we have been counseling Nigerians in UAE and targeting youth development by changing their erroneous mindset that money can be picked on the street of Europe or Americans,” he stated.
One of the means, which Goodluck Friends International has impacted on the people of Nigeria was the importation of sanitisers during the outbreak of deadly Ebola virus, which they also distributed freely to Nigerians.
“We in the Goodluck Friends International have been doing a lot of work in that direction. We have some materials and we are sharing it across the country. We’ve been doing so many good works for him from the grassroots tagged: ‘Sanitising the nation for Mr. President.’ We imported it to support the Ebola infested countries which the authorities appreciated.”