ABU DHABI, -The National Media Council (NMC) has launched its first activities during Innovation Week, which include a series of training workshops dealing with happiness in innovation, career harmony and media innovation, with the aim to establish a culture of innovation in the institutional and media work environment.

These activities aim to bring happiness to the staff so that they provide special services, as per the highest quality standards, and with efficiency and transparency.

The NMC met at Bab al-Qasr Hotel in Abu Dhabi on Sunday for a workshop, entitled "Happiness and Career Harmony", to discuss career harmony and its impact on the work environment. Career harmony positively affects the attention of the staff, their engagement to work, their affinity among colleagues and their responsibilities at work.

During the workshop, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Senior Consultant at Gallup, reviewed research on the topic, in the presence of a number of directors of departments and heads of sections.

He referred to the presence of 12 elements in all relevant functional high-performance work environments. "Each element of these is needed by an employee to reach a functional harmony in an optimal way," Ibrahim said.

On Monday, the graduation ceremony for staff who earned the Diploma of Government Innovation and Diploma on Preparation of the Second and Third Grade Leaders, will be held. On Tuesday, the NMC will also host students from the College of Communication and Media Sciences of Zayed University at Emirates News Agency, to familiarise them with the mechanisms and methods of preparation of news broadcasting and the latest innovative methods in the field of media work.

It will organise on 23rd November at the Continental Hotel - Dubai Festival City a workshop entitled "Happiness in Innovation."

The NMC will conclude its Innovation Week events, which are held in collaboration with the Journalists Association, with a media innovation forum entitled, "The Role of Social Media in Shaping Public Opinion."

Those participating in the forum will discuss the role of social media and its technological characteristics and ability to disseminate information in interactive ways, compared to traditional means, as well as its role in promoting interaction in a way that contributes to building multi-trend opinions on raised issues. It will also tackle how to gauge public opinion, in accordance with traditional analytical approaches.

Source: Emirates News Agency