ABU DHABI, -- The National Media Council (NMC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has started receiving applications for the "Reading Radar" competition, which targets schools and aims to encourage and develop the reading skills of UAE students, while helping them acquire faster reading skills.

This initiative coincides with the Month of Reading and supports the National Reading Strategy for 2026.

Both sides adopted an organisational and scientific framework for the competition that aims to develop the reading skills of the UAE's students, widen their scope of knowledge, motivate them to read faster and create a spirit of competitiveness while making reading a community tradition.

Students who participate in the competition will compete by reading newspapers articles or extracts from books in Arabic during a specified time period. The jury will then assess the word count of the texts that were read by the participants.

The participants will read texts that are chosen by the jury, who will then assess their reading levels, accordingly in terms of spelling, grammar, reading comprehension and behaviours.

The competition scores are calculated out of 100 points and are based on several main dimensions, with proposed article and book comprehension representing 25 points, reading speed representing up to 60 points, the level of speaking in the Arabic language representing 10 points, and the participant's personality representing five points.

The reading speed is further assessed, based on words per minute, with reading 80 to 120 words per minute representing 20 points, reading 180 to 250 words per minute representing 40 points, and reading 250 to 350 words per minute representing 60 points.

Students can join the competition through the following link, reading.nmc.gov.ae.

Source: Emirates News Agency