ABU DHAHBI, - The National Media Council (NMC) will highlight its role in regulating the media sector in the UAE, during its debut appearance at GITEX 2016, the largest technology exchange and marketplace for Middle East and Africa, which will open tomorrow in Dubai.

Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State Chairman of the NMC, said Federal Law no. 11 for 2016 on regulating the Council's competencies, constitutes a catalyst for the creation of a new role, including developing the UAE's media policy, drafting media legislation and ensuring its execution.

"The new law was issued, in line with the wise leadership's vision for boosting the role of national media and providing the ideal environment for freedom of expression, while projecting national unity and promoting values of moderation, centrism and tolerance," he added.

According to Al Jaber, the new law complements the Federal Law for 1980 concerning publications and publishing, and deals with modern activities and new media, such as radio, television and electronic media.

NMC's scope of jurisdiction includes developing standards and foundations required for licensing and accrediting media outlets, along with their staffs and activities.

Al Jaber revealed that the NMC is currently reviewing media content regulations, issued in 2010, to ensure that they are consistent with other laws issued recently, such as the child protection law (Wadeema Law) and the anti-discrimination law.

"Developing regulations on the electronic media will have an important role in preserving our traditions and in confronting cross-border extremist thoughts and, consequently, safeguarding our youth and spreading values of peace, amity and tolerance," he said.

Al Jaber applauded the Federal National Council's role in preliminary discussions of the law, and the valuable comments and amendments made by its members to its draft. He also thanked the NMC board members for their efforts during the drafting process.

Source: Emirates News Agency