JEDDAH, -- The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, OIC, will hold an urgent meeting of the foreign ministers of OIC member states in Makkah on Thursday. The place of the meeting was selected to highlight the religious standing of Makkah among all Muslims.

The Saudi Press Agency, SPA, quoted the Saudi newspaper, Arab News, as saying that the meeting will cover the Houthi militia's attempt to attack Makkah by launching a ballistic missile in October.

The first emergency ministerial meeting was held in Jeddah by the OIC executive committee on November 5th, which discussed the launching of the missile by the Houthi-Saleh militias targeting Makkah. It condemned in the strongest terms the Houthi rebels, backed by the militias of deposed President Ali Abdullah Saleh, for targeting the Holy City with a ballistic missile.

Source: Emirates News Agency