DUBAI, Oman's Ministry of Oil and Gas,MOG, sold a cargo of Oman blend crude via Dubai Mercantile Exchange Limited,DME, Auctions on Wednesday, achieving a strong premium above the Official Selling Price,OSP. This reflects the current strength of the Middle East crude oil market, particularly in Oman, said a press release issued by the DME on Wednesday.

The two-million-barrel cargo of October-loading Oman Blend crude was awarded at a premium of $0.20 per barrel over the October OSP.

The DME Auction platform saw 22 participants taking part in the auction with 21 active bids placed during the two-minute period. The Oman OSP is calculated on a volume-weighted average of daily DME Oman Crude Oil,OQD, Marker Prices over the month.

Raid Al-Salami, Managing Director, DME, said, "Premium bids placed during the auction underline the high demand for Oman crude oil and other similar grades. This demand is further presented by the higher participation in the auction from many major global crude oil traders being able to participate in a transparent and real-time pricing mechanism."

"The DME platform has auctioned 37.6 million barrels from four different grades including Oman Crude Oil, Basrah Light, Basrah Heavy and Kimanis. There are more than 60 buyers that are now registered on the DME Auctions platform showing the demand for such barrels," he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency