RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, May 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Because some shoppers are somewhat skeptical of overseas e-commerce sites, ZAFUL (www.zaful.com), a international online fashion retailer, recently improved its payment system for customers. By updating e-certificate payment protocols and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) checkouts, the payment system is far more secure, providing heightened confidentiality for shoppers.Displaying ZAFUL Payment.jpg

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The company also took several major steps to make online shopping more convenient for customers in foreign markets.

“We are always looking to enhance the shopping experience for our customers,” said ZAFUL Operations Director Sara Lau. “These new upgrades make it easier to shop and also offer more payment options.”

ZAFUL is also adding local payment options for Brazilian, Spanish and Arabic customers. For example, Brazilian customers can now pay in three, six, nine or 12 monthly installments.

ZAFUL shoppers in Spain now have the option of using PayPal. Because PayPal regulations can vary from country to country, ZAFUL has included a PayPal manual on its Spanish-language site (http://es.zaful.com/).

In the Arab nations, ZAFUL is offering cash on delivery (COD) for customers. COD payments are quite common in this region as many shoppers do not have credit cards. (http://ar.zaful.com/)

“We have received a lot of good feedbacks from customers about how shopping can be made easier,” Sara said, “Since we ship our items to all over the world, it’s hard to know what works best in every country. So we appreciate the information from shoppers and try to accommodate them as best as we can.”

“The COD payment method will be tried out in Arab countries. If we find it works well and provides convenience to our customers, we’ll expand it to other countries. Also we want to have a well-known face touting our brand in Arabic Region, so any media contacting will be appreciated. ”
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ZAFUL, an online retailer of women’s fashion wear, offers high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. ZAFUL has also made major strides in the online swimwear market, featuring a wide array of styles in the $10-$30 price bracket. Over the past year, the company set up its own photography team, ensuring that the photos on the site accurately depict the items for sale.