ABU DHABI, We, in the UAE, have the right to celebrate the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and be proud of our country and the achievements of our wise leadership for numerous reasons.

We, as individuals, institutions and companies, can be proud of our National Day and will make the Year of Zayed a historic agenda of our celebration of loyalty, achievements and sustainability.

This is the concept of citizenship that constitutes the term, "Zayed's Children," who are committed to the Union's messages of mutual giving and sacrifice, which is how they are continuing to build the country and promote its stature, enabling it to lead internationally and establish charity, giving, stability and development partnerships.

Forty seven years ago, Sheikh Zayed raised the flag of the Union and created its Constitution to build a nation protected by its loyal citizens, who have made the country an Arab and international model of credibility and has highlighted the messages of tolerance and giving of its youth and women leaders, as well as of good governance, innovation and achievements on land and in space.

We must remember all of this, and on our National Day during the Year of Zayed, we are proud of the national spirit that reflects the cohesion and mutual trust between the leadership and the people.

We remember the challenges faced by the Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, when establishing the foundations of the country and creating its political, security, economic, social and service institutions while promoting the principles of happiness, tolerance, youth empowerment and sustainable development, through visions and strategies that sustain stability and prosperity.

The children of Sheikh Zayed face similar challenges and they are overcoming them, as they are committed to his visions of achievement, development and stability.

Our pride is doubled and strengthened on our 47th National Day, when we remember the challenges faced by Zayed's Children to protect Sheikh Zayed's legacy, to establish infrastructure, services facilities and economic, scientific, social, educational and health establishments, as well as global strategic partnerships, which requires our hard work to continue the vision of the Union and that of the children of Zayed, who protected the country and its achievements.

Yes, this is Sheikh Zayed and that is the UAE, and here is what we have achieved for Sheikh Zayed and the UAE.

Source: Emirates News Agency