ABU DHABI, Aldar Academies, owners of seven schools and one nursery in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, has marked another year of outstanding academic success as its pupils achieve exceptional exams grades in the 2019 I/GCSEs, it was announced yesterday.

Students sat under the new 9-1 grading structure which has been implemented to reflect a move towards more challenging International General Certificate of Secondary Education(I/GCSE) examinations. A* to A grades are equivalent to grades 9 to 7 in the new structure while grades 9 to 4 are equivalent to A* to C.

Al Bateen Academy had a record year for I/GCSE exam results, with 90 per cent of its students achieving 9-5 grades in subjects including English and Maths. The results reveal a three-year upward trend, demonstrating a five per cent increase on last year's pass rate, and overall exceeding international standards.

Al Bateen's top three achieving pupils were Malaysian student Elisyazaviera Faizul, who achieved twelve 9-8 grades, Egyptian student Sara ElKasabi who achieved eleven 9-8 grades and Faris Khalili with ten 9-8 grades. The top Emirati student was Eisa AlQubaisi with seven 9-7 grades.

This year's top-performing student within Aldar Academies' network was Georgian Nino Ephremidze, of Al Yasmina Academy, who was awarded an outstanding ten I/GCSEs at Grade 9 (A*).

At Al Yasmina Academy, 88 per cent of students were awarded 9-4 grades (equivalent to A* to C) at five or more subjects including English and Maths, while at Al Mamoura Academy the total I/GCSE pass rate was 97 per cent, with 75 per cent of students achieving five 9-5 Grades, above expectations. At Al Ain Academy, 89 per cent students achieved five 9-4 grades.

Among those completing their I/GCSE studies, 33 per cent of students achieved 9-7 grades (A*/A), while 52 per cent of students achieved 9-6 grades (A*/B). Overall, the academy's entire cohort of students performed strongly in the subjects of English, with the vast majority achieving a 9-5 grade. 100 per cent of students achieved a 9-7 grade in History, with 100 per cent of students achieving 9-6 in Science.

The top performing subjects were English, Science, History and Arabic. The highest achieving students were Pakistani IsraaSaeed, who achieved seven 9-5 grades, including six 9-6 grades and three 9-7 grades, and Emirati Hassa Al-Nahyan, who achieved three 9-7 grades, four 9-6 and seven 9-5 grades.

At Al Ain Academy, 89 per cent achieved five 9-4 grades, while 84 per cent of them achieved five 9-4 grades including English and Maths. Top performing student was Aymen Abada who achieved six grade 9s, one grade 8, one grade 7 and one grade 6. While fellow pupil Evan Titus was the second highest scorer, achieving four grade 9s, three grade 8s, and two grade 7s. Student Alyssa San Pedro also achieved three grade 9s, one grade 8, three grade 7s and one grade 6.

At Al Yasmina Academy, English Language, English Literature and Further Maths were among six subjects graded at 'Outstanding' by the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) - adding to the 15 subjects in total which were graded at 'Very Good' or 'Outstanding'.

The academy recorded an impressive 46 per cent of 9-7 grades among all exams sat by its I/GCSE students, while 85 per cent of total entries earned 9-4 grades.

The academy also recorded incredible achievements in the core subjects of English and Maths with 99 per cent and 96 per cent achieving grades of 9-4 respectively as well as a 100 per cent pass rate overall. 85 per cent of Al Yasmina Academy's UAE cohort achieved at least one top grade between 9 and 7.

The Aldar Academies group has over 8,000 students across seven academies and one nursery based in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Source: Emirates News Agency