ABU DHABI, As of December 2018, a total of 1,088 licences have been issued for the nuclear sector in the UAE, according to Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation's 2018 Annual Report.

Official statistics showed that as of December 2018, FANR issued 483 new licences, 459 licence renewals, and 146 licence amendments to conduct activities using radiation sources in both the medical and non-medical fields. FANR also issued seven new licences, 19 licence renewals and three licence amendments related to the possession and handling of nuclear material, and transfer of nuclear material and regulated items.

In line with its commitment to periodically review elements of the FANR regulatory framework, a number of regulations and regulatory guides were reviewed and issued in 2018.

FANR's vigorous inspection programme continued throughout the year, and as of December 2018 FANR's radiation safety inspectors had carried out 430 inspections including announced, unannounced and reactive inspections. A total of 137 inspections were conducted on companies around the UAE to ascertain their compliance with the provisions of safeguards, and nuclear import and export control. Over 40 percent of these inspections were to ensure there was compliance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Export and Import Control of Nuclear Material, Nuclear Related Items and Nuclear Related Dual-Use Items (FANR-REG-09).

In 2018 FANR also conducted numerous radioactive source security inspections across the UAE: they included 78 inspections on licensees' storage facilities and 80 inspections on licensees' transport vehicles. 774 import permits and 270 export permits were issued last year.

''The year 2018 has been another step towards FANR's mission to ensuring the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear energy and radiation sources, and to ensuring the sustainability of the UAE's regulatory infrastructure in accordance with FANR's 2017-2021 Corporate Strategy,'' said Abdulla Nasser Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Board of Management,FANR.

Christer Viktorsson, FANR Director General, said:' FANR continued to develop and revise a number of regulations and regulatory guides in accordance with FANR's five-year development framework. In 2018 FANR issued 413 licences to conduct activities using regulated material in different fields. The majority of licences issued were for medical purposes and the remainder were for non-medical purposes; seventy licences were related to the transfer of nuclear material.''

Source: Emirates News Agency