Sindh government’s failure to provide security to foreign investors, traders and prominent dignitaries in Karachi was likely to result in flight of foreign investment along with complete suspension of some most crucial foreign funded welfare projects.
It is pertinent to mention here that a prominent business figure of United Arab Emirates and Chairman of AlZarooni Foundation, Suhail M. AlZarooni recently went back to Dubai after shortening his visit to Pakistan due to failure of Sindh government to provide security.
Prior to his departure from Pakistan, Suhail M. AlZarooni, in a statement, pointed out that whenever he visits Pakistan, letters seeking security measures are sent to Federal and Provincial Interior Ministries whereas Prime Minister, Governor Sindh, Chief Minister Sindh, and Heads of Police Department are also approached for assistance but it is a matter of grave concern that despite specific instructions and assurances by Prime Minister, Governor Sindh, Karachi Police Chief, Sindh Police failed to provide any security to him without assigning any reason. It has also been observed that dozens of police officers remain deployed on VIP protocol duties, which leaves no other option for H.E. Suhail M AlZarooni but to shorten his visit against his will and go back to Dubai. It is likely to affect numerous welfare projects of AllZarooni Foundation worth multimillion dollars.
He said that AllZarooni Foundation has undertaken various welfare programs in different cities across Pakistan, particularly in rural areas of Sindh. These welfare programs focused on education, health and welfare of poor women and children whereas the Foundation has also been playing a pivotal role in portraying the soft image of Pakistan and encouraging foreign investors. Terming Pakistan an attractive place for foreign investment and tourism, he said that if law and order situation remains stable and peaceful atmosphere prevails, it will be very hard to find a country like Pakistan anywhere around the world.
AlZarooni said that UAE businessmen and tourists spend millions of dollars to visit Switzerland and other countries for tourism but if the law and order situation improves and security is provided all over Pakistan, all these tourists can surely be diverted to Pakistan as this country is blessed with beautiful landscaping but the triviality of government departments towards providing security to foreign guests was having a negative impact foreign direct investment and tourism sector of Pakistan.
AlZarooni appealed Federal and Provincial government of Sindh that special security should be provided to foreign investors, businessmen and prominent dignitaries so that they could fearlessly tour Pakistan, which would help restoring the global confidence on Pakistan, besides it will also promote the positive image of Pakistan all over the world.
heal the rifts of a region which he once described as the scene of some of the “most worrying tensions in the world today.”