The Pakistan Day was celebrated with national zeal and fervour at the Pakistani embassy in Abu Dhabi.
The ceremony, attended by a large number of the Pakistani community, was inaugurated with playing of national anthem and flaghoisting by Ambassador Asif Durrani. Expatriate Pakistanis including Christians and students of Pakistani schools also participated n the event and sang national songs.
The ambassador recalled the great sacrifices rendered by our forefathers for the independence of the Muslims of South Asia.
He said, “Pakistan was both our identity and destiny” He pointed out that in its 68 years history, the Pakistani nation had witnessed many challenges and stood up to each one with resilience and resolve.
He also mentioned the success of the ongoing operation ZarbeAzb in the light of the latest terrorist attack on a Peshawar school.
Recalling the historic struggle of the Muslims of South Asia for a separate homeland under the dynamic leadership of QuaideAzam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the community was urged to play their role with dedication and commitment to make Pakistan a stronger and prosperous country.
Highlighting the fraternal bonds between Pakistan and UAE, Durrani expressed satisfaction over the existing level of bilateral relations and said that under the present leadership of both countries, the relations would be further strengthened.