YES sir, I mean it in all its seriousness. Pakistan is playing any thing but cricket at the World Cup tournament. Imagine a nation, sacrificing its sleep to remain awake at the dead of night between Friday and Saturday, hoping and praying for their heroes. But when they saw their teams, being trampled ruthlessly, quite a large number of them broke into tears, seeing their prayers go unanswered, while others, let their anger out, either by cursing the players, or demanding their recall from the prestigious tournament.
Cricket bosses in Lahore would still try to dismiss it as sheer emotionalism, sermonizing in their postmatch comments, that a game is a game, and victory or defeat is a natural outcome, and ought to be treated as such.
True, the situation demanded sobriety, but can they dare deny, that when such crucial matches , as the tie against West Indies, are handled so carelessly, a reaction like this, is quite natural. Pakistanis are often branded as being emotional, but how can the Western nations Americans or Europeans, even the Japanese, South Koreans inn Asia, or the Brazilians and Argentines in South America rationalize their own people’s behavior after crucial defeats.
Do the PCB bosses, experts only in lecturing, dare dispute that people of the countries listed above, not only cry openly within stadia or outside on streets or homes, at the loss of their respective teams in the Football tournament finals. Innumerable instances can be cited and in this age of information technology, videos are incontrovertible evidence of such occurrences.
After their second successive humiliation, at the hands of India and the West Indians, Pakistan is sitting low at the table without a point. Even Lowly rated Zimbabweans have two points, while in another pool, Australia and Bangla Desh have three each to be much more comfortable position for entry into the knock out round.
Pakistanis had the match against Carribeans in control by gaining two early wickets, but then the rivals middle order batsmen Draven Bravo, retiring with a hamstring injury after 49, and Ramdin with 51, Simmons solid 50 off 90 balls, and after that the blitzkrieg by Andy Russel(42 in 13 balls with 3 four and four sixes, changed the entire complexion of the game.
They showed determination , and conviction, battering and shattering to piece the depleted and spineless Pakistani bowling attack to cross the 300 mark which at one stage looked mere dream. Compare this with the Pakistani performance. If against India, it was a sheer disaster, the match against West Indians was a nightmare.
Four top order batsmen Nasir Jamshed, Ahmed Shahzad, Younis Khan, and Haris Sohail, going back with just a single on board. The score board brought further humiliation with 5 for 25.
The green shirts looked either completely careless, or totally incapable of handling even the slight swing. Russel’s 3 for 33,a nd Benn’s 2 for 39, did not portray a real picture of the shameless conduct of the Pakistani batsmen. It was much more than that. It was sheer incompetence.
Christchurch was not Dubai, where ball came slowly to bat, and we had all the time to hit.
The Pakistani bowlers, bowled far too many short deliveries and were punished to the fence or were dispatched to spectators stands. The last 2.5 over brought more than 40 runs. It was lust hitting from Russel. For Pakistanis, Umar Akmal ( 59 in 88 balls with 5 four and one six) and Sohaib Maqsood (50 of 66 balls with 4 four and one six), were the only resistance.
Where was the national pride? Rubbed in the dust. Pakistan now, with some determinations has a difficult chance now to qualify for knock out rounds only if they beat Zimbabwe, UAE, and Ireland. The fixture against South Africa, in our present form, does not hold much promise.