ISLAMABAD, 27th February 2016 (WAM) — The Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said the US decision to go ahead with the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan will enhance the country’s counter-terrorism capability and shouldn’t be matter of worry for any other country, Radio Pakistan reported Saturday.

On 12th February, the U.S. government said it had approved the sale to Pakistan of up to eight F-16 fighter jets built by Lockheed Martin Corp, radar and other equipment in a deal valued at US$699 million.

Referring to Indian concerns on the sale, the spokesperson said Islamabad has already expressed its surprise and disappointment over the Indian reaction. He said the United States, in its statements, has also clarified that the jets are being sold to Pakistan to enhance its precision-strike capability against terrorists.

Zakaria said Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism and has achieved tremendous successes in the war against terrorists. These successes have also been acknowledged and appreciated by the world community, he said The spokesperson said terrorism is an issue not only for Pakistan but for the whole region and the world at large.

“It is imperative that all the countries collaborate in the war on terror. He said Pakistan has always appreciated any counter terrorism efforts,” Zakaria added.