PARIS, Sept. 30, 2015 / PRNewswire — Wilson Associates is a pioneer and trendsetter in the design industry, creating luxury experiences all over the world for discerning travelers. As the firm explored new opportunities for growth after the immense success of opening a Dubai office in March of 2014, a presence in Europe became the clear next step.

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“We saw a need in the European market to create an exclusive studio supported by a global reputation of excellence and success,” said Olivier Chavy, President & CEO of Wilson Associates. “Paris is known as the international headquarters for luxury and couture in design, fashion and tourism. It felt natural to begin Wilson’s venture in the birthplace of luxury.”

So, after an 18-month search, Wilson Associates is proud to announce a never-before seen business model by creating an “atelier haute couture of design” under the direction of European design mogul Tristan Auer. The strategy reflects many iconic fashion brands birthed in Paris. While the ever-luxurious Chanel brand can be found all over the world, haute couture Chanel can only be created in Madame Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris. In the same way, Wilson Associates brings an unparalleled quality of design and service to its clients across the world, yet the Atelier will be reserved for the upper-echelon of tailor-made design.

“Our goal is to create a custom experience for our clients from the moment they walk into our Atelier,” said Tristan Auer. “From the way we receive clients to the deliverables we present, the end result will be unlike anything they’ve ever seen.”

The Atelier, located on Boulevard Malesherbes in the golden triangle of the city, is a converted 19th Century private apartment built by French Architect Paul Sédille. It will offer a full-range of design services in hospitality, retail and residential for the most lavish clients across the globe.

Tristan Auer is a household name with more than 20 years of luxury design experience. From his early days with Christian Liaigre, to a four-year collaboration with Philippe Starck, to managing his own agency, Tristan’s design influence is found across the globe. He’s designed for Cartier, Puiforcat, and a number of hotel brands and celebrity residences.

Joining Wilson Associates with Tristan are the talented and reputable Marc Foschia and Neil Rawson, who previously worked for Pierre-Yves Rochon, Andree Putman and Philippe Starck. Their bios can be found on Wilson Associates’ website.

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