ABU DHABI, -- Sultan Al Shehi, the Manager of the Preservation of Grace project said that the most important new initiative that the project is working on during the "Year of Giving" is the organisation of the International Summit for the Preservation of Grace, which will launch the "International Day for Preservation of Grace."

''This will occur alongside executing the Giving Tree initiative for the second season during the holy month of Ramadan, with the aim of collecting donations for different charity works, executed by the Red Crescent within and outside the country,'' Al Shehi said in an interview with Emirates News Agency WAM.

He also revealed the launch of the bank food supply card for deserving families, in co-operation with partner associations. In addition, work will continue on the technology of preserving ready foods for a year in healthy and safe ways, according to internationally applied standards, as well as developing and executing electronic applications that serve the humanitarian and charity side of the project.

Al Shehi said that the number of beneficiaries from the Preservation of Grace project reached 776,012 in 2016. The number was 3,461 in the food section and 3,461 in the clothing section, while it also offered approximately 34.5 tonnes of external aid. The furniture department helped over 92 families in 2016, before the launch of the furniture storage which proves the families' speed of response to donation.

"In the current year, the numbers of meals distributed reached 600,000. This included ten tonnes of meats, 80 tonnes of vegetables and fruits, two tonnes of dates, 30,000 litres of juices and milks, five tonnes of food supplies, 10,000 bundles of bread and 1,600 food packages. In addition to distributing full clothing packages for 1,500 families within the country, 35 tonnes were also distributed to the needy outside the country," he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency