ABU DHABI, Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia, praised the UAE's comprehensive development, which gives its visitors the sense of what could be accomplished in terms of development, with the presence of the political will and goals and visions to achieve development and advance the community, which are present in the UAE.

Margvelashvili made this statement while presenting a lecture, titled, "The Georgian-UAE Partnership: Creating a Joint Future in a Volatile World," which was organised by the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, ECSSR, yesterday, with the attendance of Dr. Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the ECSSR, a leading group of thinkers, as well as writers, journalists and several accredited diplomats in the country.

During the lecture, President Margvelashvili expressed his enthusiasm to adopt joint visions and plans during his meetings with the UAE's leadership while adding that his country has a key regional role and strategic and economic importance, as it connects Asia and Europe.

Margvelashvili stressed that his country has been developing its communication system and establishing a modern infrastructure, to become a leader in international commerce. It is also one of the countries taking part in the Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative, which encompasses many commercial routes that include the Caspian Sea and Afghanistan, and has been working, since 2009, on completing a major commercial project that will connect it to Greece and Italy, as part of its efforts to further its relations with other countries, he further added.

Regarding Georgia's partnership with the UAE, Margvelashvili noted that the cooperation between the two countries includes exchanging knowledge, creating investment opportunities and promoting free trade.

"When I visit a country such as the UAE, I am inspired by our common values and hopes, and I consider our future plans for consolidating peace, establishing stability and creating projects. I am sure that there will be more promising opportunities for cooperation between our countries," he affirmed.

Margvelashvili also spoke about the economic relations between the UAE and Georgia and pointed out that the value of the UAE's investments in Georgia reached around US$860 million in 2017 while adding that the UAE has investments in several sectors in his country, including in the development of commercial centres and in the real estate development sector. He also explained that Georgia is looking for more investment in its ports and transportation sector while expressing his optimism that the level of cooperation between his country and the UAE will increase in the coming years.

Source: Emirates News Agency