President of Political Council of Hezbollah: “Israel” is concerned for its future


The head of Hezbollah's political council, Ibrahim Amin Al-Sayyed, confirmed at the 11th Conference of the World Rally in Support of the Option of Resistance that "the destiny of the region is not created by the defeated". Stressing that "Israel" is concerned for its future.

"We must prepare ourselves to be able to shape the destiny of the region," The Mayadeen website quoted Al-Sayyed, saying on Thursday.

"The enemy entered the region from different gates to make the new Middle East," the head of Hezbollah's Political Council said. Al-Sayyed said in response: "But our region has been able to thwart all the enemy schemes."

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of southern Lebanon's liberation from Israeli occupation on 25 May 2000.

Days earlier, the resistance in Lebanon had carried out a military exercise on the eve of Tahrir Day, while Hezbollah Executive Council Chairman Hashim Safiuddin had confirmed that Israel's occupation would see precision rockets at the heart of its entity if it committed foolishness to override the rules of the game, noting that "the enemy will experience unparalleled black days".

Safiuddin said that the resistance in the "Liberation of 2000 was one generation. Today, they are successive and interrelated generations that work to defeat the Israelis. "

Source: Yemen News Agency