DUBAI, The President of Somalia's Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, has termed "strategic" the role assumed by the UAE in fighting terrorism, piracy and human trafficking, commending the country's contributions to the developmental drive in the Horn of Africa.

The president made the remarks at a news conference held today at Dubai Press Club where he spoke high of the significant role played by the UAE government in helping his country, and the entire region, achieve growth and development.

"DP World's investments in Puntland will have an immense impact on our economy," he said, referring to the paramount importance of the company's projects in helping draw FDIs into Puntland.

Constitutional authorities allow us enter into direct investment agreements with national and foreign companies, he said, citing the development of a multi-purpose port project at Bosaso as an example of the enterprises that reflect positively on the economy, trade development and on creating new job opportunities for the Somali people.

Source: Emirates News Agency