Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, will visit the Saudi Arabia next week during his sixday tour of a number of Arab countries, a British Embassy official in Riyadh said.
Salah Taha, press officer at the British Embassy in Riyadh, said during his visit to the Kingdom, Prince Charles will meet with senior members of the royal family.
According to the embassy, the royal itinerary includes visits to Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE during the period starting from Saturday, February 7 to February 12, 2015, Arab news reported.
In a statement quoting Said Edwin Smoal, a spokesman for the British government in the Middle East and North Africa, the embassy said, “relations between the British royal family and the Gulf region are close and intimate, and the visit reflects this.”
The Prince of Wales will begin his tour in Jordan, where he will be the guest of King AbdullahII of Jordan and will hold a meeting with him and other members of the royal family.
Notably, Prince Charles joins an array of foreign heads of states and highranking officials who have visited Riyadh to offer their condolences regarding the passing of King Abdullah.